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Short Fiction

Here you can find all the stories I have had published to date. For stories that appear in print, you’ll find links where you can purchase the magazine and support the literary small press.  

An Open Letter to the Family Counseling Student Expelled for Lacking Empathy

@McSweeney’s Internet Tendency



On the Spon-Com Circuit

@Pif Magazine

Buy Pif’s June 2012 Issue on Amazon

The Dispossessed Person


Another Big Mistake


The Greentext Killer 

@Hello Horror

My New Gang

@Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction

Read it on Kindle here.

Or for other E-Readers here.

The prolific writer and anthology editor D.F. Lewis said this of My New Gang in his review:  Wow!  This is a relatively brief piece but it certainly packs a punch.  The prose style seems honed pitch-perfect as well as being trippingly textured in a very constructive as well as devil-may-care way.  Major stuff. (7 Jan 12)

The Way It Went

@Bartleby Snopes

The People You Meet in Syracuse

Buy a copy @Filling Station Issue 47

David Lynch’s Pornography Project

@Monkeybicycle (One Sentence Stories)

The Way it Went

@Bartleby Snopes

An Afternoon and an Evening with the Sinclair Sisters

@The Prague Review

Would You Please Be Less Terrible, Please

Buy a copy @Criminal Class Review

The Careless Fuckery of Tim Ingersson

@One Throne Magazine

In the Shade of the Allan Gardens Greenhouse

@Straitjackets Magazine

@Candlelight Stories

Elise Ivey

@Forge Journal

Social Life


The Devil Loves a Memory

@Marco Polo Arts Mag

Everything You Can Think of is True

PDF MBRANE24 (Page 53)

 Buy M-Brane’s Quarterly #2 featuring this story on Amazon.

Or read the story @ Forge Journal

The Strange New Humanities

@Forge Literary Journal

Yet Another Example of the Scorn that Greets an Emerging Artist

@Marco Polo Arts Mag

Verminelli’s Rumpus Room

Request a free print copy of Palimpsest 2010, featuring Verminelli’s Rumpus Room from the good folks at The University of Colorado @ Boulder here.

or read it online:


Discovery Period

@Ray’s Road Review

A Vaguely Culpable Man

@Ear Hustler Magazine (Page 37)

The Contagious Relief

@Ear Hustler Magazine



Mike Sauve’s 115th Stream

@The New Flesh

Visions of Emily

@The Legendary

Hypnotist, Accredited as Sinister

@Marco Polo Arts Mag

Speech for New Employees

@Marco Polo Arts Mag

For the humour magazine Feathertale:

An Email Concerning the Price Points of Orange Juice and Free Verse

Considering a Face Tattoo

Awakening of Ruben Till IT GUY

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